about us

NHCC - The Knowledge sharing platform for nurses and midwives

Our experienced team works tirelessly round the clock to outsource experts in different specialized Nursing Fields to share their knowledge and expertise.  

NHCC has been created with the background of the Nursing Now global Campaign (NNC) - to raise the status and profile for nurses and midwives globally.

The National Health Care Conferences

  • Provide participants with relevant training and tools
  • The sessions are designed specifically to meet information requirements 
  • Provide evidence based practice
  • Provide current information from the experts
  • Explore the advanced technological methods of delivering care

The goal is to equip you, with skills, competencies and tools.

We Care

We are optimistic that with enhancing the diversity skill mix of specialists within the nursing fraternity, will in turn create champions/link role nurses and attract new positions for career development and enhance recruitment and retention. 

Skills… Competences… Tools...